BECOMING by First Lady Michelle Obama Set to Be Best Selling Memoir of All Time

One can think of many people who have made history, however, we can’t think of many who have made history quite like First Lady Michelle Obama, the wife of President Barack Obama.

Michelle Obama released a memoir in the fourth quarter of 2018 titled Becoming, an autobiography that has received outstanding reviews for being inspiring to a whole generation of people after her and even in her own generation to never give up. Being that she is the first African American First Lady of the United States of America, it confirms that believing and stepping into something bigger than oneself is possible.

Becoming, since its release in November 2018 until now, has already sold more copies than any other memoir/autobiography of all time in history. Therefore, not only has Michelle Obama made history as the first African American First Lady, but she has taken the status of author who has the best selling memoir of everyone, male or female and of any race — ever.

Being that First Lady Obama is African American, this is huge because it was only 150 years ago and more that anti-literacy laws dominated certain sections of the land for the ancestors of black people, forbidding them from reading, writing or being educated at all. One could potentially make the argument that having her book is a treasure for many generations to come because it is proof that black people have overcome and will continue to soar beyond any law that kept them down.

Congratulations to Michelle Obama and BECOMING.

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