Be “ON TIME” With MORRIS DAY In New Book, Reveals Life of Music, Addictions & PRINCE

If you are anywhere on this planet, chances are you’ve heard of and even listened to something Morris Day and the Time, also known as The Time, especially if you grew up between the 1970’s and 1980’s. Not only was Morris Day and the Time a household name, but when Morris Day and the gone but never forgotten Prince hit the screens everywhere in the movie Purple Rain, you couldn’t have missed either one of them. They are masters at what they do – entertain with powerful music as skilled musicians.

That being stated, singer/actor Morris Day will be releasing his upcoming book ON TIME: A PRINCELY LIFE IN FUNK on October 8th where he brings to light his ups and downs in life when it comes to addictions, his music and also and inside look at his relationship with his friend Prince. Although he had his lows and highs with the legendary Prince, Morris Day leads off with the first word of the book being the late singer’s name, calling Prince “his biggest influence, the person who most powerfully shaped my musical life.”

Morris Day wants to share not only himself with us, but he also wants us to see Prince with us in a way he knows him. ON TIME leads off and continues with what is the voice of Prince as Morris Day hears him, and from there, Day takes us inside his journey of music and life with Prince by his side with every word.

Preview ON TIME and pre-order.

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