Barack Obama & Bruce Springsteen’s RENEGADES: Born In the USA Hits In October

From the Higher Ground podcast comes the book that all of us are dying to get, with all the extra pictures and written dialogue that need to be shared to the masses. Coming from two men, Barack Obama and Bruce Springsteen, who have walked very different paths to where they have found so much common ground, Renegades will hit on October 26st, and it doesn’t have to wait to become a best seller because it already is at number 1. Expected, of course.

Inside Renegades: Born in the USA, these two awesome men will share details of everything from marriage to even race, and all of this is basically born from their popular podcast where it will be placed inside a book. There will be handwritten lyrics from Bruce Springsteen and even President Barack Obama’s speeches along with 350 new photographs, along with what they believe the future of America looks like.

This is about to be an amazing book. Check out the book teaser in the video from Crown, the publisher.