Award Winning Author Sadeqa Johnson’s Book YELLOW WIFE Takes Us Back In Time in 2021

From the award winning author Sadeqa Johnson comes her 4th book titled Yellow Wife on January 12, 2021. Just by the cover alone, one can guess that it will be a historical fiction to enjoy.

The book will follow the main character Pheby Delores Brown as she looks forward to her freedom at the age of 18, but it’s something that she doesn’t get. Instead, she somehow ends up in a jail for the enslaved to fight through it and all its brutality, left to outsmart the cruel jailer in order to survive.

Yellow Wife will be released by Simon & Schuster and has already received raving reviews for the storyline. Sadeqa Johnson can be found on YouTube. Watch as she unpacks advance copies of Yellow Wife.

Trouble watching? View here on YouTube.

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