Award Winning Author and Civil Rights Leader Ruby Bridges Signs New 3 Book Deal

Award winning author and civil rights leader Ruby Bridges, the African American woman who when she was a little girl of six years old withstood the hateful attacks of racists when she became the only black child allowed to attend a previously all white elementary school in New Orleans, has signed a new deal with Scholastic for 3 books!

Just this week, Ruby Bridges’s mother, Lucille, passed away. Her mother was the one who stood by her side and constantly prayed for her to make it through as her small daughter tore down the walls of school segregation. Now, Ruby will give back to children again by releasing, under Scholastic, children’s picture books that tell her story.

The new books do out in the year 2023, according to Publisher’s Weekly, are Dear Ruby Bridges: Letters from Kids Speaking up for a Better World. Inside will be the letters of children who have written her over her lifetime. The book will also include A Talk with My Teacher where she will put in story form the relationship she had with the only white teacher at the school who wanted to teach her when she was six – Barbara Henry.

Both Bridges and Scholastic founded the Lucille Bridges Trust which will support youth and carry on the importance of activism.

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