Author Leyna Krow’s SINKHOLE To Become New Drama, Issa Rae & Jordan Peele On Board

Based off of author Leyna Krow’s short story Sinkhole, a new family drama is born. Sinkhole is becoming a drama under Universal Pictures to which actress Issa Rae will produce, working along with Get Out’s Jordan Peele also as producer, according to Variety.

I actually read Sinkhole, and it made me giggle. It starts out when a family moves into a home they were first wary of due to a sinkhole out back. Yes, a real sinkhole, not a deep pool with no water.

Anyway, as the story interestingly moves along, the family finds out the magic of the sinkhole and what it has the power to do, reverse the wrongs, or what’s broken, in everything. Guess who gets curious when they begin to wonder if it will fix themselves as well?

Let’s all see how this Sinkhole turns out when Rae and Peele finish with it, shall we. Back to Leyna Krow, the author, she is also responsible for the book we know as I’m Fine, But You Appear to Be Sinking which was published in 2017. Although the word “sinking” is in this particular book, this isn’t the story from which the Issa Rae drama is based. Read that Sinkhole here.

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