Author Ibram X. Kendi Talks Culture of Not Valuing Black Life; Releasing Four Hundred Souls Book In 2021

Author of Ibram X. Kendi who wrote the best selling book How to Be An Anti-Racist was interviewed on King 5 with Joyce Taylor, and he was asked his perspective on Portland violence and how it is white people who are leading some of the violence in the protests in the name of Black lives.

His response:

I’m not really sure of the perspective and the ideology, you know, of these people. What I do know is that there are a lot of people who are very, very angry about the persistence of police brutality and violence, the persistence of racism. There are a lot of people suffering right now from … not only… COVID and … but also the economic recession, and I also know that our country seems to value property more than they value the lives of actual people. And I think that that’s wrong.

When asked about a particular tweet he made following the shooting of Jacob Blake, he was asked to talk about racist ideas that impact the way black and brown people are policed.

Kendi responded:

Well, police officers are people, and everyday people, when they see black people they don’t know coming down the street, when they see black people living in a particular neighborhood and they drive on by, they get scared. They feel that those people could be dangerous. There’s nothing other than the color of these people’s skin, in many cases, that’s causing them to imagine that these people are dangerous, but police officers certainly do this same thing and they’re backed by a state and a set of policies that allow them to …essentially claim they’re fearing for their life and get away with murder. They’re in sort of a culture that is not valuing black life.

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Ibram X. Kendi will release a brand new book titled Four Hundred Souls in February 2021 to which he edits “A choral history of African Americans covering four hundred years in the voices of ninety writers” along with author Keisha N. Blain.

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