Author Bryan Stevenson’s JUST MERCY Is Adapted To Film Starring Michael B. Jordan & Jamie Foxx

Author & civil rights attorney Bryan Stevenson’s 2014 best selling biography titled Just Mercy has been adapted to film and set for release in January 10 of 2020.

Big names have starring roles in the movie which is set in America’s south in the state of Alabama. Black Panther’s Michael B. Jordan will play Bryan Stevenson, the civil rights attorney, who travels to the state to bring justice to a man who has been falsely incarcerated. The falsely incarcerated is played by Oscar winning actor Jamie Foxx who plays Walter McMillian. McMillian is on death row for a murder that he didn’t commit.

Along with Jamie Foxx and Michael B. Jordan is Brie Larson, Academy Award winning actor, who will star as Eva Ansley, a woman hired by attorney Bryan Stevenson who works at his legal practice, Equal Justice Initiative, and just as passionate about freeing the innocent and fighting for justice.

Watch the trailer below for JUST MERCY.

Bryan Stevenson’s Just Mercy has won multiple awards and praise from a variety of outlets and currently sits as best seller on Amazon.

Bryan Stevenson has also co-authored A Perilous Path .

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