Author Angie Thomas Talks Black Lives, “Code Switching” & Her Book “The Hate U Give”

Author Angie Thomas of the best selling book The Hate U Give gives a unique and candid interview with Teen Vogue about how she grew up and what led to the novel The Hate U Give which deals with racial disharmony in the world seen in society.  She discusses how she traveled from one world into the next each day, going from one more African American neighborhood to another more Caucasian side, and how race and crime were seen through two very different lenses.

She also spoke about something she calls “code switching” and how “In college, I was two Angies.  I’d leave my house listening to TuPac and put on Jonas Brothers when I got to campus.”

Because the book has impacted many and given readers who didn’t know the opportunity to see both sides of the tracks, it is assumed that The Hate U Give will make its mark for some time to come.

Read the full interview at TeenVogue now.

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