Are You Ready For Stephen King’s THE INSTITUTE?

In days, author Stephen King’s latest thriller, THE INSTITUTE, will be released – the 10th of September.

The story follows a kidnapped boy who is placed inside THE INSTITUTE, alone in a room that looks identical to his own but no windows. Now, imagine a huge hotel with nothing but doors, and behind each door is a child with special powers. This is the INSTITUTE to which there is no escape and those who kidnapped the children did so for one thing – to steal their special powers. It is up to this boy to find his way out.

Of course, THE INSTITUTE is already a best seller during pre-order, so get in on the action and download now. The hardcover version is a whole 576 pages of what-is-going-to-happen-next while it is also available in CD and Audiobook.

Meanwhile, IT CHAPTER TWO is already in theaters. Check your local listings.

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