Anyone Up For Grabbing Toni Morrison’s FULL Personal Library of Books? It’s For SALE!

There is a full library going up for sale, and it’s the library that belonged to the Toni Morrison – Nobel and Pulizer prize winning author, poet, speaker and writer. Toni Morrison passed away on August 5, 2019, but her words and her love for great stories and books, lives on. This is what makes this sale so tremendous.

Going inside the library, which is located in her home located in Tribeca, New York (also up for sale but being sold separately from the library), one will find a variety of books, but according to Galerie Magazine, what really strikes the pages is that many of these books were signed by celebrities, such as Denzel Washington, and well known authors, surely that possibly have personalized notes on the pages as well.

Outside of all that, Toni Morrison’s life is well known, but the library gives everyone a glimpse of what the small day to day life would have been like for Toni when she was all to herself. For instance, one will see how much of an editor she was as she continued to edit her own book, one she didn’t return to the library, The Bluest Eye, in which she’d marked up with corrections.

Now, the library itself is going for an unspecified amount, however, the home, a condominium, is up for sale for $4.75 million.

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