Amazon Book Clubs Launching In 2021; Offers Early Access

To officially launch in 2021 to all Amazon customers, meaning those who have an Amazon account, Amazon Book Clubs is now available for early access in order to assist Amazon in growing better products for users.

So what exactly does Amazon Book Clubs early access actually mean? It means that all Amazon customers can join clubs, but not all can create a club. Only some customers will have the ability to create clubs until Amazon officially launches it in 2021.

There are no specific requirements listed as to who will or won’t be offered early access, so it’s a toss up.

Some features included in the beginning stages of the Amazon Book Club are:

  • Private and Public Club settings
  • Invite a Member
  • Easy Administrator Selections
  • Add a Book/Suggest Feature (Set as Current or Upcoming Book Club Selection)
  • Books Already Read Feature

So what does this mean for Book Clubs and authors that are already established elsewhere? It means more opportunity for expansion and gaining more membership with an extremely easy way to announce book selections with a click along with extra simple availability to book club members.

Also with the feature that shows what books the club has already read, new members won’t feel left out of the loop. This particular feature catches new book club members up on what books may be of interest to them.

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