50 Cent Releasing New Self-Help Book All About THE HUSTLE

The man we grew up becoming familiar with as rap artist 50 Cent is releasing another book under his real name Curtis Jackson titled HUSTLE HARDER, HUSTLE SMARTER. It’s a self-help book that showcases the power of adaptation, an ability that the now producer and actor in the hit show POWER has learned throughout his time as a rising superstar until now.

It’s no secret that Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson sits on the cover of HUSTLE HARDER, HUSTLE SMARTER bossed up in a suit with pure business on his mind as he channels the overall theme of a man who has been through it all, from near death, having been shot multiple times in the year 2000, to the height of his career in entertainment.

This isn’t 50 Cent’s first book however. In 2009, he released THE 50TH LAW, which is still a best seller, along with many other publications, so although many people may rush to describe him as rap artist and actor, yes, he is an established author as well.

Well known for his talent, author Curtis Jackson is also known for not shying away from controversy. On any given day, he is known for taking to any of his social media pages to create a firestorm to which he lets roll off of his back.

HUSTLE HARDER, HUSTLE SMARTER releases on April 28, 2020, and is available for pre-order on Amazon.

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