4 Books On Jazz Legends That Should Be On Your Radar For 2021, Starting With Eartha & Kitt

There are some major books on jazz legends to release between now and the Spring of 2021, and below are 4 that should already be on your list to read, starting with Kitt Shapiro’s book on her mother, the icon Eartha Kitt.

Kitt Shapiro, the only biological child of the legendary entertainer and singer Eartha Kitt who was born in a small town called North in South Carolina, has written a book about her mother titled Eartha & Kitt. Learn all about the relationship between their love in Black and White.

The book will release on May 4th of 2021. Eartha Kitt passed away in 2008 after a long, dominating career in jazz and entertainment, having also become an author, releasing such books as Confessions of a Sex Kitten and I’m Still Here.