The International Edible Book Festival Is Ready To Show Off Books Made of Food

Celebrated around the world in countries like Brazil, Germany, the United States, Japan and even Australia, the International Edible Book Festival is preparing for another round of books made of food.  Yes, they are edible.

The International Edible Book Festival is for any and everyone to enter, however, all entries must be made of food.  For those who may be wondering how to make books of food, not all the books are made of food, but edible creations are, however, inspired by food.  Many entrants place the real books behind the edible creation, but there are some very creative people who actually end up with a full out book made of food.

If this sounds tempting, you don’t want to miss it if you are in the area.  Therefore, visit and find out if there is a celebration near you or learn how you can  create an event yourself.  Need ideas?  Click here.

Events start on April 1st or around that date.

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