What’s Not Okay Is Banning Children’s Books By Jerry Craft. They Are Class Acts.

Children’s books by the best selling, award winning, read-these-books-if-you-want-your-child-to-get-a-good-story-with-a-good-message Jerry Craft have been banned in the state of TX at the Katy Independent School District. The reason for the ban on his great books is racism…basically… exactly what the book teaches against.

The Class Act Book series with titles Class Act and New Kid are amazing books that tell stories of a student who is different than most of the others around him in some way, be it through how he learns or what he looks like. This is where the books get great because the students learn to navigate in a world unlike their own with pressures unlike others in the school. The question is – will they learn to accept themselves and stay true to who they are instead of bending to fit in?

Why on earth would anyone want to ban such great books? Turns out that some adults complain that there is critical race theory in those books!


Maybe they missed the real issue in real life where real life people were hanging from trees and being bombed along with all the other laws that kept people down in life that were not white. Just pick up an old newspaper from the early 1800s-1900s and read that. That is the truth. That is the reality of it all…when white people screamed “DIE!” at a little black girl for integrating a white school – shouts to Ruby. Ruby brought in LOVE. It conquered hatred. Now that LOVE is coming to conquer again – shouts to it – people who are new to it are screaming. Ruby didn’t come in teaching hate. Her presence taught love.

This is the same thing many people are doing – screaming at the top of their lungs to go against the truth that children need to know in order to be set free from racism instead of lying to them so that racism can be perpetuated.

If children don’t realize that someone who is different may feel awkward, they won’t learn empathy. Instead, they will assume everything is the same or fine when in all actuality, the world is seen different through other lenses because it is different. One side comes with a whole other backpack than another, and that should be understood so that racism will subside.

These books need to be read by all children in school. It will stop the division for the new generations.

You all know what to do. Go buy the books. Read them anyway.