Senator & Author Kamala Harris Becomes Joe Biden’s Democratic VP Pick!

Senator Kamala Harris, author and politician, becomes the very first African American woman on a Democratic Vice President ticket and the 2nd African American woman on the national VP ticket. Who selected her? Former VP Joe Biden as he runs for president against Trump for 2020.

Extra Glass Ceiling Fact: Charlotta Amanda Bass was the 1st African American on a Progressive ticket nominated for Vice President in the USA in the early 1900s

Talk about representation! The Biden Harris 2020 ticket has all the chance of changing the nation completely, and many believe it’s just the change America needs – an America that actually looks like America.

So now for the books. In case you haven’t heard, Kamala Harris has her share of authored books.

One of those books is The Truths We Hold that she released in a Young Readers Edition as well.

She has also authored Smart on Crime and a children’s book titles Superheroes are Everywhere.

Congratulations, Senator Kamala Harris!

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