Morris Day Talks New Memoir “ON TIME”, Had No Idea Prince Was On Drugs

Morris Day interviewed with Wendy Williams about his new book ON TIME, and if you haven’t already bought and read the book, there are some nuggets of truth pertaining to their relationship that many didn’t know.

According to the interview, Morris Day and Prince were childhood friends in a band to which they practiced all the time, Prince on the guitar and Morris Day on the drums. This all took place when they were teenagers in Minneapolis.

However, Morris Day had to break from the band because Prince wasn’t cool with him having his own creative ideas when it came to music. Morris Day revealed to Wendy Williams that Prince had a “Napoleon complex” and was very controlling which led to him leaving the band.

Throughout all that, Purple Rain ended up being very good for his career, however, he wasn’t paid very much. In fact, Morris Day pointed to a time when he was offered to sign with Prince’s production company, and only got paid fifty thousand dollars from Purple Rain while Price was on the cover of a magazine making seventeen million. At the time of the contract, he didn’t see anything unfair about it, but hindsight is 20/20 and there may have been a bit of lopsidedness to the whole deal.

As far as Prince and drug usage, there was a “one time thing” when he and Prince experimented with smoking a joint and mushrooms, but that again, was a one time thing. It never stuck. Morris Day said that he didn’t know about drugs when it pertained to Prince, and “was totally surprised about the drugs.” Morris had only seen him as one of the cleanest people on the planet, so he was very surprised by the drugs when even Prince didn’t allow meat and only approved food in his area.

See more of the interview and order the book below.

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