Mary Trump To Speak at Virtual Democratic National Convention, And What Will She Say?

Of course, this post will be updated whenever Mary Trump speaks at the Democratic National Convention in Milwaukee, but until then, the question is what on earth else will she say?

Besides all the goods she spilled in her best selling book Too Much and Never Enough which dragged her uncle President Trump through the mud and back again, is there anything left to add? I doubt it, but…

I’m sure she has much to add, especially when it is quite clear – she is voting for the Biden Harris Democratic ticket, come hell or angry Trump.

For those who haven’t read the book, Mary writes about everything, from how Trump learned his father’s attitude and was favored because of it, never takes the blame, believes in giving people a cruel time and the list goes on. From the first pages of the book, it gives Donald Trump, the person, a knock down drag out…of the White House.

Whatever she says as guest of the American Bridge Super PAC that backs Biden, it will be sure to get under her uncle’s skin. Skin is the key word being that she hasn’t bitten her tongue in the slightest by stating he is a racist aka psychologically tormented by a skin color or ethnicity other than his own.

As a matter of fact, in an interview with Jane Fonda she goes into why Trump attacks Kamala Harris, with such vulgarity, and she says because he learned it and his misogynistic ways from his father, as a matter of fact, the whole family! Even the women in her family were misogynistic. She states that “Donald has never had to deal with strong women in a way who challenge him... There’s nothing terrifies him more than a strong fierce woman of color.” Well, just go ahead and start listening at 39 minutes either below or on YouTube.

Along with Mary Trump will be author Tony Schwartz of Trump: The Art of the Deal.

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