Look Forward To 2020 AJC’s Decatur Book Festival Virtually & Spanning One Full Month

Kicking off on Labor Day Weekend, the AJC Decatur Book Festival will put on a large virtual event, maintaining the excitement for all those who are crazy about great books and super authors.

The festival will bring back well-known authors from previous years along with a new author to the festival, David Satcher, to represent the fifteenth year. He has written the book My Quest for Health Equity:Notes on Learning While Leading, and he has served as Surgeon General of the USA as well as the Director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, all this while fighting for civil rights and health equity.

David Satcher has his own personal testimony of discrimination in the healthcare system when he was a boy growing up in the South under Jim Crow laws. He almost died from whooping cough because his black doctor wasn’t allowed to admit him into a hospital for treatment.

That experience shaped his life and his book.

Previous authors that will attend the virtual book festival include Barbara Brown Taylor, Roxane Gay, Kevin Young and more, plus the authors have the freedom to showcase what and how they will as far as their books are concerned.

The book festival, since it is virtual and now will feature far more authors, will last over the entire month of September starting on the 4th and ending October 4th.

There will be Culinary Conversations with authors and a Kids focus to go along with the main events. Some featured authors also brought along other authors, so the event looks to be massive and with much more diversity that ever before.

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