Listen and Watch Nicole Hannah-Jones of The 1619 Project During UNCW Writers’ Week

UNCW Writers’ Week will feature the controversial-to-some author of the 1619 Project and Pulitzer Prize winner Nicole Hannah-Jones. She will speak at the Kenan Auditorium at 7:30, and the entire session will be streamed live via Zoom on November 2nd.

One may ask, why is Hanna-Jones so controversial an author? Well, it isn’t because she is a great writer because she is, but because she is a great writer who flips history right side up because it had a truly horrible lean which is bad for any foundation…quite crippling. She is just here to fix it, but not many people like that fact.

You’ll understand all of it when you get your hands on 1619 if you haven’t already. As a matter of fact, the audio book will release on November 16th of 2021. The other formats had already been released.

So what is it about in summary? It’s about the beginning…when the first African people came to the America in shackles and how this bondage still is very relevant today to the issues that have been woven into the fabric – literally – of the country.

Back to the Zoom discussion though for UNCW Writers’ Week, admission is completely free and open to the public with the necessary advance registration. Register right here.

While we are on Nicole Hannah-Jones, watch below as she speaks about Black excellence in education with the NYTimes.