Kevin Hart’s Documentary Is The Perfect Set Up For “THE DECISION”

If you have scrolled through Netflix this week, there is a strong possibility that you ran into Kevin Hart’s Don’t F**k This Up documentary. Pressing play will take you into the world of Kevin Hart, and I mean all the way in.

One is set up with the most controversial moment of his career – when he was chosen to host the Oscars. However, he rejected the offer because there seemed to be no perfect way to complete the task without having to constantly address words he used from his past, over ten years ago, on his twitter feed.

From there, Hart introduces his children along with wife while inside his lovely home, and even takes us through love and tragedy with his mother whom he lost due to ovarian cancer and a dad he hardly knew through drug addiction.

The other most controversial situation of his life as it pertains to his marriage was also discussed, placing his wife in the forefront as she displayed her hurt behind the illegally taped affair he had behind her back with women in a hotel room to which, at some point, a long time friend was suspected of setting the whole video up to hurt Hart.

All of these things happened within a short span of time, and while some would have cracked under the pressure of bad news and media publicity, Kevin has learned to do what in many ways his upbringing taught him to do – RECOVER and RECLAIM.

This is why this recently released documentary is the perfect set up for his upcoming audiobook THE DECISION. He is recording this book post a near fatal car accident, and it is obvious that he was determined to get back to work.

THE DECISION, if one looks back over Kevin Hart’s life, is all about making the decision to make it when everything and everyone is making a decision toward your failure. Releasing THE DECISION after the documentary makes the documentary even more meaningful because it gives the full picture, not partial, of how mindset and goals make things attainable even when the odds are stacked against you.

In the documentary, Kevin Hart told a story about his dad throwing him in water and demanding he not drown, even though Hart couldn’t swim. In real life, Kevin isn’t drowning. Instead, he has learned through difficulties and struggling to survive in life to remain alive and float against demise.

There is still no word yet on a definitive release date for THE DECISION. Update: THE DECISION is now available on AMAZON.

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