JUST MERCY Author Bryan Stevenson Addresses the Humanity of the Wrongfully Convicted

The film JUST MERCY, produced by actor Michael B. Jordan and from the autobiography of author Bryan Stevenson was met with standing ovation at the Toronto International Film Festival.

In an interview with moderator Michael Eric Dyson, professor and author of books What Truth Sounds Like, Tears We Cannot Stop:A Sermon to White America and Holler If You Hear Me, Bryan Stevenson explains part of the reason why he wrote the book, JUST MERCY.

“We haven’t really allowed the humanity of people who are arrested and convicted and condemned and their families to be understood, and that’s part of the reason why I wrote the book is because I wanted people to understand these are human beings who love, who have mothers and daughters and sisters and brothers. They’re not just statistics. They’re not just numbers. And when we condemn someone for something they didn’t do, we destroy hope in communities.”

Having devoted his career to finding and speaking up for justice in societies and for people where justice is only a figment of one’s imagination, author Bryan Stevenson is an author with a voice for the falsely accused and imprisoned.

As far as the stars of the movie JUST MERCY, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx sat down with Jimmy Fallon to discuss how important it was for to participate in bringing this book to life in film. At one point, Michael B. Jordan described how he was moved to tears during a scene where, after the scene was finished, he “went to the back of the courthouse, and I just cried.”

Read JUST MERCY before it hits theaters in January 2020.

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