Is Inauguration Poet Amanda Gorman a Threat? History Continues To Repeat Itself.

There are many words that describe inauguration poet and author of The Hill We Climb Amanda Gorman, but a threat to anything decent isn’t one of them.

Recently, Gorman was on her way home when, according to her own words, she was tailed by a police officer who believed that she didn’t belong in the area. The police said “You look suspicious.”

How on the face of the earth did Gorman look suspicious. It was because she was African American and one could also dare to speculate even further to say that it is highly possible that Amanda was being harassed also because the police officer actually did know who she was and decided to pounce on the opportunity to make her feel unwelcome…anywhere in her country – America.

Let’s face it. This has happened throughout history and the police have been the foot soldiers to enforce racism in America. Take Billie Holiday for instance. No, she isn’t a writer, but bare… she was a singer. The government felt threatened by her singing of Strange Fruit which highlighted the racism and injustices of America. They not only harassed her but set her up for arrests and many other items when she continued to use her right to free speech.

Free speech – when black – is a threat. Here is Amanda Gorman’s tweet below explaining what type of a threat she very well may be.

Keep pushing, Amanda Gorman. Let no one silence you. History is simply trying its best to repeat itself, but one day, it will become silent by voices of justice.