How To Support Authors During the COVID Crisis

Mostly everyone needs help during the COVID crisis, and there is one group of entrepreneurs and artists that have entertained us all through the decades who have been hit particularly hard during the pandemic. That group of people are the authors.

Authors and writers are the genius story tellers that provide everyone a plethora of entertainment and pertinent information no matter what is going on in the world.

Writers are the people who provide the information we all crave when the world is turned upside down in order to find out the details of what is going on. Even though we see the hosts of a magnitude of great shows, from talk to late night and the news, soaps, movies, and television series, the people who make it all happen are the writers.

In order to bring anything to the screen or anything to the blogs or newspapers that feed your intellect, from opinions, fiction and non-fiction books, it takes authors and writers who know how create a full experience with words.

It’s time to support all authors and writers during the COVID crises as many are simply working for free. That’s right. They are writing their hearts and minds out as we all read and partake in the information for free.

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here are various ways to support authors and writers whenever possible during and after the pandemic as they support all of us no matter the weather.


Many writers, authors have their own websites. Many blogs that you love to read may have a donate button on the sidebar. Some of those authors may have blogs of their own.

Pay them a visit…literally…and click on that donate button. It only takes a second to do.


There is no better way to support an author than buying a book. This is why authors write books – so we can read them! What’s so great is that you get the book right from home during this COVID crisis on a device or app once you buy the ebook.


Another way to support your author when money is low is to share that writer or author’s content and books on your vast social media.

Even though you may not be able to support monetarily, take sharing their work seriously because many authors/writers rely solely on that monetary support. They don’t have regular nine to fives.

One of the people you share to may become interested, and based off of your share, you have supported an author indirectly.


Authors and writers are also teachers. Many have newsletters or subscriptions through various mediums, including Patreon, where they consistently teach, entertain and share at a low cost subscription.

During COVID downtime, it may even be the time to learn a skill like blogging or authoring your own book, and who better to learn from but a writer/author.

At the end of the days, years, and centuries to come, it can’t be denied that writers and authors make much of the world go round. Support them as they support us.

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