How To Be An Antiracist Author Ibram X. Kendi Launches Maroon Visions In Deal With Boat Rocker

Author of How to be an Antiracist Dr. Ibram X. Kendi and the entertainment company Boat Rocker have made a deal which brings Kendi to the development table, to assist in the creation of several projects with company. Along with that comes the bigger news that Boat Rocker will also launch the author’s production shingle Maroon Visions, all this according to Deadline.

Dr. Ibram X. Kendi wants to go above, beyond and out side of the common narratives of today with Maroon Visions so that there are stories that shape equality for all people. The concept of Maroon Visions came from a free communities developed by African Americans, or the descendants of Africa, during the enslavement of many Black people.

Below is Dr. Kendi addressing Critical Race Theory and those who mistakenly placed him inside the debate on the topic.