(Updated) Controversial Author & Actor Bill Cosby To Hold Lectures On Avoiding Sexual Assault Accusations

Update 6/26/2014 @ 9:59am

According to Variety, there has been a new statement released regarding author Bill Cosby and reports of his town hall meetings to be held in July of this year. Previously, it was reported that the town hall meetings would be geared toward avoiding sexual assault accusations, however, the spokesman for Cosby states that the topic will not be about sexual assault at all. Instead, it will be about “the restoration of a legacy.” This contradicts what Cosby’s previous spokesperson stated in interview.  Read more at Variety.


Author of books such as Love & Marriage and the Little Bill book series Bill Cosby, is moving on to hold town hall lectures in hopes to teach how to avoid sexual assault accusations.

Recently, there was a mistrial in the case of Bill Cosby as he had been accused of rape by numerous women. It was due to conflicting accounts that the jury could not come to a conclusion on whether or not Bill was guilty or innocent. Now that prosecution has stated they would seek to retry Mr. Cosby, he is moving on to which is sure to be a very controversial decision to speak to the public, possibly teens and/or older athletes and such, warning them of the dangers of partying and believing there may never be a consequence to their actions, namely rape accusations, and he may also educate his audience about the laws regarding sexual assault.

Bill Cosby has maintained his innocence and has many supporters while there are others who believe that he is guilty.  No matter what the case may be, in July, plan on seeing Mr. Cosby in an arena not many thought would happen…especially with so much controversy following immediately behind him.

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