BLACKOUT Author Candace Owens Takes Major GoFundMe Hit After Statements On George Floyd

Candace Owens, author of BLACKOUT, has taken a major hit this week after her video message about George Floyd and why she isn’t on his side.

George Floyd was the man who was murdered when officers leveled over four-hundred pounds of weight on his back after he was cuffed and put on the ground prone as an officer, for nine minutes, shoved his knee into his neck as he pleaded for his life before ultimately dying a tortuous death while bystanders also pleaded for the officer to let him breathe.

GoFundMe has retracted her from it’s fundraising platform, according to Business Insider, after she raised upwards of $200,000 for an Alabama cafe for calling George Floyd a thug. GoFundMe pulled the conservative Trump supporter’s presence from its platform because they believe she spread falsehoods about the black community and hate, all of which violates their terms of service.

Candace Owens book BLACKOUT was released back in February.

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