Basic National Monthly Income? Canadian Authors Call For Financial Security From Government

Remember when Andrew Yang was running for the United States presidency under the Democratic Party? He wanted to provide American citizens with basic monthly income of $1000 no matter what, and this would no only sustain families during troubled times but boost the economy.

Well, Canadian authors are pushing the government of Ottawa to do similar, and it has garnered much support from many in the arts and entertainment fields as well as many arts and literary organizations. There are well over 200 signatures from individuals in support of the basic national income and over thirty organizations doing the same in the letter on the OBIN website.

Basically, they are calling for this basic income without the erosion of the current federal assistance the government already provides for the arts programs which will in turn increase employment and boost the economy overall, especially during the COVID crisis.

It’s no secret that COVID has put a large strain on those in the arts community due to most artists being entrepreneurs, relying solely on themselves to earn based on their creativity and how well they entertain.

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