Author & Reality Show Star NeNe Leakes Announces Transitioning of Husband Greg

Author of NeNe Leakes: Never Make the Same Mistake Twice has shared before a crowd at her lounge that Gregg Leakes, her husband, is “transitioning to the other side” after his battle with cancer for years. She did not say he had passed, but is transitioning. His battle along with their marriage difficulties were shared on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, however, their love transcended all the issues.

Today, NeNe posted on social media that she is “Broken” where she has gotten much love and support during this private moment.

Nene Leakes released her debut book in 2011, and the book revealed much of her life and how she reached her first peak in her career at that time. Since then, NeNe Leakes has become an entrepreneur in Atlanta, actress and more while being known for giving it to people straight.

This hasn’t changed as she let everyone know at her lounge exactly what she and her husband have been going through. Therefore, we shall keep her, Gregg and her family in prayers.