Hidden Figures Author Margot Lee Shetterly Is Keynote Speaker at New Mexico State University

Author Margot Lee Shetterly will be keynote speaker at New Mexico State University inside the ASNMSU Center for the Arts Medoff Theatre.  There will be opportunities for the attending public to have an open Q&A with the Hidden Figures best selling author as well as attend the book signing.

The film adaptation Hidden Figures earned the number one top spot in the theaters for weeks as the movie brought crowds to learn about NASA’s history as it involved three African American female mathematicians who broke barriers that were only assumed to be for white men in engineering and science.  Being rarely if ever talked about or known, Margot Lee Shetterly brought these women to light in her book which turned into a bestseller and number one movie.

Save the date: April 4th at 7pm.  For more information, visit NMSU.

Hidden Figures is also available in Spanish, as seen to the right – Talentos Oculotos.  As far as the film adaptation, the star actors on the cover of both versions of the book are Janelle Monae, Taraji P Henson, and Octavia Spencer.

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