Author Joy Reid Talks Being Only Black Woman Leading a Prime Time Show

The ReidOut. This is where you can catch the leading lady of prime time, Joy Reid, as she keeps us all up to speed on what’s happening from a standpoint so needed that was desperately missing from late night.

Recently, she spoke about earning her spot as evening news host – the first black female lead – and she described it as a “fabulous opportunity”.

“I love these hours in the sense that it’s immediate. Like I’m not analyzing the week from the back end. We’re literally now front line, everyday in the mix. For a news junkie, there’s nothing better than being on the air, every night, in prime time. It’s a fabulous opportunity.”

The announcement was made on July 9th that she would take her new spot as host of The ReidOut on July 20th, and the show is purely political.

Joy Reid, known as Joy-Ann Reid as an author, has written books The Man Who Sold America, Fracture and We Are the Change We Seek.

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