Author, Actor, Comedian Gene Wilder Dies At 83 Years of Age

Gene Wilder Kiss Me Like a StrangerIt comes with great sadness to the literary and acting community that Gene Wilder has passed away at the age of 83 due to complications with Alzheimer’s Disease.

His face is instantaneously recognized by a long list of accomplishments to both the literary world and the movie industry combined, but to focus on his literary works, Gene Wilder had a flair for writing.  His titles include: My French Whore, Kiss Me Like a Stranger, Something to Remember You By, The Woman Who Wouldn’t and What Is This Thing Called Love, all of which are pictured below.

Gene Wilder Books
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He championed the fight against cancer, a disease in which he survived, and even in his books, such as Something to Remember You By, the dedication page was to his friend who died of multiple myeloma, and his sense of humor was made available in the dedication page of his book What Is This Thing Called Love? where he states to his deceased cousin who “really wanted love, but settled only for sex.”

He also co-authored a book titled Gilda’s Disease with oncologist Steven Piver.


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